What is more Important in Content- Inspiration or Manipulation?

Did you ever just Google- “Content meaning”??? If not, please go and come back once you experience the sense out of it J

Hoping that y’all have explored its meaning now, let’s skip the waiting line & march-past towards the main title of this article. Google has the verified meaning of content as “satisfying or something giving you a state of satisfaction or peaceful happiness, I guess this meaning itself is enough to justify its role and importance in the actual world of business. Its meaning in reality is even deeper than what you just read.

People say that “CONTENT IS KING”, yes…but I would like to slightly disagree…Content is not a king, it’s an emperor. Its aim has never been to rule one party or an individual kingdom but to control multiple kingdoms like an emperor. Its major vision is always to attract and impact a large number of people not just random 1...2...3... Individual.

what is important in content

While writing the content, people often use two sounds “Inspiration” or “Manipulation”. Both impact the audiences differently. The content with a strong inspirational tone helps in maintaining the following:

• An emotional connect

Human beings are emotional beings and will be more convinced once the things make sense to them by experiencing an emotional connection.

 • Long term relationships- customer retention

A deep sense of satisfaction leads to customer retention.

 • Integrity & honesty

Since the roots are strong enough based on transparency from the beginning, inspires clients to come back and again.

 • Good word of mouth

No matter how good or bad your product is the initial buying of it/ initial appearance is always going to be affected by the word of mouth (negative/positive). It’s a customer’s tendency to deep dive into the depth before buying or connecting with anything.

The content with a strong manipulation tone helps in maintaining the following:

• Creates greed

Multiple sugary coated outer look with spices within creates a loophole that dissatisfies the customer in the long run.

 • Short term relationships- Brand switch

Relationship (customers & company) breaks as soon as initial discounts, offers, etc. leads to an end.

 • False commitments/expectation’s play game- breaks the bond

To attract people initially, a world of hope is evoked which is ended soon.

 • Bad word of mouth

Customer dissatisfaction leads to bad reviews and negative gossiping with other people.

From a business point of view, inspirational content inspires others to understand the motive and mindset behind creating any product/service and that’s the correct way of targeting the desired niche by giving them solutions to their respective problems. On the other hand, manipulative content tangles the mind of audiences, by creating greed and expectations (offers, discounts, cash backs, giveaways, etc. on their head which just magnetically pulls them to our product/service but in reality, fails to sustain them for long term.

what is more important in content writing: Manipulative or Inspirational contentAs far as my personal view is concerned, be an inspiration for yourself, then only you can inspire others!!

Manipulative content


Inspirational content

Greediness often makes us blind, which often pushes us back to the point from where we started because our roots weren’t strong enough to keep us at the height. Choose wisely, the choice is all yours!!!




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