Gateway of India: A Gate to tourist destination

Are you travel-nerd? Do you like exploring new places? Is traveling what excites you the most? If the answer to these questions is yes, then I must say that this article is for you. If your answer is no, then I guess you should 1-hundred percent go through the article as it will shower the new interest in you, or else at a minimum, it will increase your knowledge about the place I’m going to talk about below.

What is better than spending your weekend in one of the busiest and attractive monuments in India? So, how do you generally spend your weekend? Staying at home or keeping your foot on the roads, in the open-air exploring new things? Life is not a bed of roses, so travel as much as you can, do not look here, there, just experience the fun side of traveling, and embrace the joy you get from it tightly!

Without wasting much of your time, let us unpack the suspense; let us talk about the best historical monument of India none other than ‘Gateway of India’. I have personally visited ‘Gateway of India’, located in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

So, I’m pretty much sure that it will be a ‘place to remember’, more than 1000’s of tourist visits here every year as it’s ‘one of the central attractions of India’.

You will definitely see a lot of crowds here visiting with families, clicking selfies and posting them on social media, etc. but how many of you are aware of the hidden facts about this place? I guess not more than 10% of us!

gateway of india

Stay tuned till the end of this article to understand something really amazing about Gateway of India:

  • The structure's essence is a portal, i.e. tourists who came by boat; it was a bridge to India.
  • The building cost Rs. 21 lakhs, primarily borne by the government of India.
  • British last ship set sail from Mumbai's Indian Gateway to London.
  • The stairs behind the Indian Gateway connect to the seafront where you can ride the watercourse to the grottoes of Elephanta.
  • It is shocking that the Indian Government approved Gateway of India post three years of establishment. George Wittet invented the idea in 1914.
  • The main dome does have a circumference of 15m and achieves an overall level of 26 meters.
  • The whole port front has been restructured so that it reaches to the city center.


gateway of india mumbai

I was personally informed on the following by my friends prior visiting here:

  • Beware about Camera:

It’s infamous among thieves who rob and drain devices from visitors. 

  • Couples everywhere:

At every corner, you will see couples having a great and fun time.

  • Site for peaceful protest:

After a terrible bomb blast in 2003, it became a place for peaceful protest for e.g., Candle March.

  • Beggars everywhere:

Young children asking for money was a heart-melting thing.

Missing a chance on visiting this place is a thing you’ll regret a lifetime!

                                                                                                    Author - Lavina Chopra

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